Most Twenty Tips in Health You Should know -20 tips easy and important

Number 6 : bird watching is heart healthy bird watching may sound like a sedentary pursuit but it can actually be good exercise many bird watchers spend time walking through the woods while looking for unusual varieties of the feathered creatures walking two miles an hour for two hours can burn almost calories and the fresh air and immersion in nature can also help reduce stress.

Number 5:  playing a musical instrument even if you’re not a musical genius playing an instrument has many health benefits it improves hand eye coordination and fine motor skills better still it can increase your IQ by seven points and it’s never too late to start both kids and adults reap these brain benefits adults who play instruments also have lower blood pressure as for the people who listen to you play well we’ll get back to you on that.

Number 4 : playing video games you may have heard that sitting on a couch and playing video games is unhealthy and doing so all day has its downsides but playing video games also has health  benefits it reduces stress and depression and can even help relieve physical pain however this is another situation where moderation is key you should still try to keep your screen time to two hours a day or less .

Number 3 : stop trying to shape up your butt sir mixalot may have been on to something when he rapped about how much he likes big butts while many of us think of this as a problem area that we want to reduce with diet and exercise the fat stored there is not your enemy in fact junk in the trunk contains an anti inflammatory  that prevents arteries from becoming clogged and reduces the risk of heart disease diabetes and Stroke back that thing up.

Number 2:  surfing the internet we’ve all heard how unhealthy it is to spend the whole day in front of a computer but sometimes spent surfing the Internet is actually healthy researchers at UCLA discovered searching the web whose brain health in those middle aged and older it may even slow some of the effects of aging on the brain by stimulating areas that control language memory and complex reasoning just make sure you take breaks and stretch while exploring the world wide web .

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