Most Twenty Tips in Health You Should know -20 tips easy and important

Number 10:  yogic breathing improves lung function and blood flow to the brain pramayana sounds like something you might order at that new Indian restaurant downtown but it’s actually a yoga breathing principle Yoga is healthy in general but if you don’t have time to bend yourself into a pretzel you can still benefit from Ramayana this technique brings more oxygen to the blood and brain and it can improve lung function just don’t take any deep calming breaths in your new car.

Number 9: get a pet if you already have a pet you probably know your furry friend can help reduce stress many studies have shown having a pet lowers blood pressure and can even reduce the risk of depression seniors with Alzheimer’s have fewer anxious outburst when an animal shares their home walking a dog is also a good exercise but your pet doesn’t have to be furry and forelegs watching fish swimming in aquarium has been shown to be just as relaxing.

Number 8 : gardening reduces stress and symptoms of depression another good way to relieve stress involves getting down and dirty in the garden that is one study in the Netherlands showed that gardening

reduces stress even better than other relaxing activities like reading a book spending time outside and away from digital devices combat stress and attention fatigue and can even reduce symptoms of depression growing healthy fresh produce that you can eat and soaking up some vitamin D from the Sun or other benefits of the outdoor activity  Number seven drink that wine lovers have good reason to celebrate maybe with a glass of well wine because the beverage is actually

good for you wine contains polyphenols which reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer they might also have antibacterial properties that are effective against the streptococcus bug Cabernet Sauvignon may even reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s just make sure you don’t drink so much you lose your memory for an entirely different reason wine is best enjoyed in moderation.

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