Most Twenty Tips in Health You Should know -20 tips easy and important

Number 13 : easy on the positive thinking it can make you feel more depressed you know the feeling you’re having a bad day and someone attempts to help by telling you to look on the bright side or have a positive attitude if you find this annoying instead of helpful you’re not alone studies have shown positive thinking it provides only a marginal improvement in the mood for those with high selfesteem the with lower selfesteem actually felt worse probably because there’s nothing more depressing than a fake cheer when you’re having a lousy day many people

actually felt better when making a list of negative things about themselves this may be because once you’ve identified your faults you can work to improve them

Number 12: masturbating promotes a healthy sex drive good news for the porn industry masturbation is very healthy as it turns out showing a little self love is not only temporarily Pleasant it can also help you have a better sex life in general the more frequently you have

orgasms the more your body produces libido increasing hormones Darius baduk director of sexual health at Weill Cornell Medical College found out that among his patients this leads to a higher sex drive .

Number 11: beware of the new car smell and open those windows many people love that new car smell so much that even sold as a variety of air freshener but getting a good whiff of the real thing could actually be bad for your health the inside of a new car contains plastics adhesives and fabrics and when these are concentrated in a small space like the

inside of a new vehicle they can release harmful gases especially in high

temperatures as much as you might love that new car smell it’s much healthier to roll down the windows and let it escape especially in warm weather .

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