Most Twenty Tips in Health You Should know -20 tips easy and important

electronic devices any kind of bright lights at night interfere with the production of melatonin a hormone that helps us sleep several studies have linked exposure bright light at night to increase risk of several forms of cancer heart disease and obesity some preliminary evidence suggests lower melatonin levels may

increase the risk of cancer if you like to read a paper book is a better idea than an ereader but if you have to use something with a screen a pair of amber tinted glasses can reduce the blue light and help you sleep better now that’s a bright idea.

Number 17:  sitting correctly at a computer sitting at a computer can leave you with all sorts of aches and pains and poor posture is a big part of the problem admit it you sat up straighter just hearing that improving posture is a good start, but there are other changes you can make to reduce strain when sitting raise the height of your chair put your keyboard and mouse on your desktop surface and move your monitor or laptop screen so it’s at exactly the height of your face that way you won’t strain your neck looking down.

Number 16:  exercising longer is not a good way to lose weight while experts agree exercise has many health benefits it is not a magic bullet for weight loss in fact physical activity is usually only a tiny percentage of your daily calorie burn most of the calories

you burn result from your resting metabolism in other words the basic functioning of your body like breathing additionally many people overeat after exercise because it makes them hungry if you do exercise longer sessions may seem like a good idea but you’ll actually get more metabolic benefits from a shorter more intense workout than a longer one high intensity interval training or HIIT helps you burn more calories after you finish exercising one study found those who do at HIIT workout burned a hundred calories more in the following hours than those who did a longer lower intensity sweat session this can have some weight loss benefits.

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