Mix coffee for shiny silky hair and fast growth

Not only the benefits of coffee aesthetic skin whitening and help to
remove fat and cellulite from the body, but also has many Benefits
cosmetic hair, too, and despite it topping ● Our Cocktails daily,
however, that the use of caffeine found in abundance among the grain, it
will be his best result for our beauty and hair health The smoothness
and the speed of its growth.

In this article, I offer you a natural mixture consisting of coffee for
more hair health and shine and smoothness and also to stimulate
Follicles to grow faster.
Mix coffee for hair care and treatment
5 teaspoon of coffee grounds Boiled and cooled
Teaspoon castor oil
Teaspoon argan oil
Teaspoon sweet almond oil
Teaspoon oil Alnerjeel
– Mix all ingredients together well.
– Apply the mixture on the scalp and massage the head only for 5 minutes
in this mixture.
– Covered with plastic head cover devoted to hair for two hours.
– Wash the hair with water after the specified period.
– Relieves cup of apple cider vinegar cum in a cup of water and then
added to the hair to get rid of the effects and the remnants of coffee
and add sparkle.
– Wash hair shampooed dedicated to the hair type.
– Repeat this mixture once a week for 3 months.

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