Young man and beautiful girl riding a motorcycle driven through the streets of Riyadh

The pioneers of social networking sites trading in a video interview with a young man riding a motorcycle driven through the streets of Riyadh, and ride behind him a girl clothes is less obtrusive “Jeans” cling to him while he was driving the young man his bike at night.
And the Peasant seemed that the young man and the girl were among a group of young men as showing a video image of the other motorcycle and when the news of the young girl the end of the trip  she asked him to continue .
As soon as the activists of the trading section of Riyadh Police got a copy of it and therefore was to investigate the young man was arrested and the girl turned out to be an Arab expatriate, not Saudi Arabia.
Immediately after the euphoric section met thoroughly by the pioneers of social networking, and turn it to reduce the powers of CCAMLR enjoining good and forbidding wrong, which was fighting such cases or that the fear of the body was enough to no evidence of such cases that appeared to spread through the streets of Riyadh.
The split between the Saudi street demands the return of the body and a supporter of the resolution and give more freedom within Saudi society, which suffers from repression and harassment as they called them.
Recent big emerged cases of harassment of girls in front of one of the private schools and we saw that Rose did the girl defended Nevshy while only the audience, viewers, photography, cases of harassment of girls inside a car by an Asian driver
All these situations are new to our society and must be fought by spreading awareness among young men and women and the preservation of cultural and religious heritage of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Keep the end in your hands young video, which appeared accompanied the girl to one of the streets of Riyadh, and caused a sensation in the networking sites.

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